Overwatch Fan Shares Awesome Drawing Of Mermaid Symmetra

Overwatch fans have made plenty of artwork for their favorite heroes over the years. This includes the alternate outfits for these characters, as a new piece of Overwatch fan art is a wonderful interpretation of Symmetra’s Mermaid attire.

Symmetra’s Mermaid skin was added during Summer Games 2021, and it sees the hard-light architect being transformed into a Mermaid. The special cosmetic changes Symmetra’s long black hair to white, with the hero wearing a tiara on top of it. Bright blue and fin-like ears can be seen, as can a spiky shoulder and glowing metal arm. Some scaly leggings appear, with fins clearly visible between her legs. With small details like a glowing armband included as well, this is one of the most thought out and intricate designs that Symmetra has seen thus far.

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Redditor lunarseal_kat took on the challenge of bringing this Summer Games 2021 skin to life, and most would agree that they did a fine job of capturing its unique aesthetic. Alongside the white hair and striking blue eyes, the tiara and ears are captured well – with the former standing out due to the realistic-looking pearls that are attached. The arm band keeps its distinct look, with the artist capturing the same neon glow that is seen on the in-game version of this underwater-themed skin. The underwater background adds a lot to the scene as well.

For the Symmetra mains out there! Changed up her bottom piece since I didn't really like it from

One of the coolest aspects of Symmetra’s Mermaid skin is the special turrets and teleporter. Both gadgets get a squid-themed makeover, with the weaponry reinforcing the idea that this version of Symmetra is meant to spend her time underwater. While the Overwatch fan behind this art piece does not show off those items, they do seemingly give Symmetra a new power: water-bending. While this is obviously not something that would be seen in-game, it is neat to see the artist taking creative freedom as they show Symmetra with some water in her hand.

This creative freedom extends to Sym’s legwear as well. While the original scaly leggings were mermaid-like, they did look less natural and like they were part of a cosplay as opposed to being real. As such, lunarseal_kat made the choice to swap these leggings out for a loincloth, with the new item matching the material seen on Sym’s armband. This makes the costume look more consistent according to the artist, and it is hard to disagree based on the final product. With Redditor blue-leeder claiming it looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh card, many fans clearly like the style used for the piece.

Comment from discussion blue-leeder's comment from discussion "For the Symmetra mains out there! Changed up her bottom piece since I didn't really like it".

While it is unclear what skins Symmetra will get in the highly anticipated Overwatch 2, it will be tough to top the Mermaid skin. Likewise, it will be just as difficult to produce some Symmetra-themed artwork that looks as great as this piece does.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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