[PATCH NOTE: April 16, 2020]

[PATCH NOTE: April 16, 2020]

Check the article for details of the latest updates in PUBG LITE!

This update includes a few modifications to the menus and purchasable items. In this patch update we focused on providing a stable service our players can enjoy for a long time.

Survivor Level Update

We have increased the level of Survivor Level to 100.

  • Survivor Level increased
    • 51 LV ~ 100 LV added
    • New rewards added for 51 LV ~ 100 LV

Season Pass Changes

Finally the Season Pass will be converted into a mission list. There will be no more paid PASS as a step towards making the game more free-of-charge. The info page that was previously there for the Season Pass levels will be removed.

  • Changes to Season Pass:
    • Season LITE PASS has been converted to Mission.
    • No new season for LITE PASS Premium and LITE PASS Premium Plus, the paid version of LITE PASS.
    • Level Up Passes will also be discontinued in Store.
      • Players who still have Level Up Passes they haven’t used from previous seasons will be able to exchange them to the same amount of L-COIN used to purchase them.
  • Missions detail
    • Daily: 5 missions daily, 1 reset
    • Weekly: 8 missions weekly, 5 resets (Reset every Thursday)
    • Challenge: 2 sets of 7 challenge missions (playable once)
    • Beginner: removed
    • Premium: removed
    • Mission Reward: Changed from EXP reward to Chicken Medal / BP / Weapon skins rewards.

[Before April 16 Update]

[After April 16 Update]

  • Season Changes
    • Career: remains
    • Overview: removed
    • LeaderBoard: removed
    • Ranking Title: removed (No Survival Points given after match)

[Before April 16 Update]

[After April 16 Update]

Silver Bullet Shop Update

More weapon skins and emotes added to the Silver Bullet shop.

Crate Updates

The Store will be updated with 4 returning and new crates that will be available to purchase in L-COIN and Chicken Medal, and 1 BP crate.

  • Crates
    • APR 16 ~ MAY 21 : Special Crate (1), Collector Crate (1)
    • MAY 21 ~ JUN 18 : Special Crate (2), Collector Crate (2)
    • Wanderer Crate (BP Crate)

We understand that many of you hoped to see some fixes and updates on the known bugs and issues on PUBG LITE. Please go to 2020 APRIL DEV LETTER to read more about the current development status for the game.


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