Pay Your Respects With This Giant F Key

YouTuber Jaryd Giesen has made a giant F key, for the mightiest of oofs or when you really just need to pay your respects.

As reported by PC Gamer, Australian YouTuber Jaryd Giesen set out to make the biggest F key "as big as I can afford to print" as a birthday present for a friend. Not sure what it means when you're the friend receiving a huge F key, but you're probably pretty blessed.

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The video, titled "A Big F for Big OOFS" shows Giesen taking apart a regular-sized key to see what makes it tick, making his own spring with a drill, and then eventually printing out a huge F key. Giesen says that he'd previously tried to work on the project before, but gave up after being unable to make his own springs. I guess this F is for "Finishing".

By the end of the video, Giesen has made an F that would make the titans take notice. Not only does it actually, you know, type the letter F, but it also has RGB lighting. Beyond being some great meme material, it's a genuinely impressive piece of engineering, which is pretty ironic considering it's a massive F and is much more deserving of a W.

If you're impressed by Giesen's massive F key (and why wouldn't you be?) you might be interested to see some of his other creations, such as a water-cooled straw and a giant Gameboy Color costume. The giant F is the one that's garnering the most respect, though.

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