Payday 3 might be revealed at E3 2021 according to new reports

According to Areajugones, we may be seeing something from Koch Media regarding Payday 3 this upcoming E3. In a video from Gamer2, costumed men were seen with equipment as well as lots of cash, concealing their identities.

This fits the style seen in the Payday franchise, mainly featuring bank robbers performing elaborate heists to score big. Payday 2 was released back in 2013 and still features an active community participating in the game’s events, and is going strong years later. Despite troubles finding a developer, a new game in the Payday series is set to be released in a few years time, with the series able to find a new place for its next entry. While other games from Koch Media’s other studios won’t be discussed during the Summer Games Fest and E3 2021, there is a possibility that we might at least see an announcement about a new Payday game in the coming days. Koch Media is set to take control of the Payday series, with the next title already in development at their studio. Fans of the series can only anticipate what they will do with the games next, especially after the consistent support Payday 2 has been getting thanks to its “games as a service” model.
Here’s the Schedule of E3 2021.
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