Phasmophobia: Everything You Need To Know About The Exposition Update

The Exposition update is the biggest change to Phasmophobia since its release in September 2020. Unlike many updates that fix bugs or tweak specific things that only veteran players will notice, Exposition has made almost every aspect of the game more intense. Most horror games burn out after their first wave in popularity, but Phasmophobia has managed to breathe some new life back into the title, bringing back old players while gaining new fans at the same time.

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The developers have given the fanbase exactly what they want, with brand new ghosts and the scariest gameplay yet. Even the basic tactics that veterans perfected have changed a lot, bringing everyone together to relearn the ropes while surviving the most chaotic environment to date.

Brand New Ghosts With Unique Powers


Introducing two new ghosts to the game is the update's main attraction, drawing players in to rediscover the ghost lineup. Up first is the Goryo, a ghost that will be invisible to you until you catch it on camera. Players in it for the creepy visuals will have to watch from the truck, using the new tech that comes with the update. Luckily, these ghosts also don't roam too far from their death site, giving you a small area to set up the camera equipment.

The second ghost – the Myling – is not as forgiving, being the most active and vocal ghost in Phasmophobia. The hyperactivity will scare you senseless while giving up clues as to what kind of ghost you're dealing with. The intensity won't help when its hunt begins as it's the only ghost that quietens down while attacking, making the final stages some of the most intense in the game.

The Hunt Will Make Your Heart Race


The climax of every investigation just got more dangerous, bumping up the defensive ability of the player and the aggression of the ghost. The main change is the ability to sprint, even though it only lasts for three seconds, taking an additional five seconds to recharge. You can now dash out of the way of an incoming attack and narrowly avoid death, keeping the adrenaline up while giving you a hail mary. On top of the sprint, the developers also gave everyone the previous "sprint" speed as their regular walk, speeding up all gameplay.

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To balance things out, they had to make the ghosts faster and more aggressive, launching into an attack after three seconds instead of five. The feature gives you almost no time to react strategically, turning the hunt into a straight-up chase scene from a horror movie. Any ghost with hunting strengths will now cause every player to remain on edge for the rest of the investigation.

Reworking The Basics


That's right, even some of the basic mechanics shift in Exposition. The ghost's footsteps aren't audible all the time, taking away your ability to locate them without using the equipment. Salt just got a lot more useful by making footsteps audible without equipment but only for a few seconds. The parabolic microphone is used to hear footsteps but you'll have to keep it active while you're walking around the house, taking away valuable time for other tools.

The other significant change belongs to the ghost book. Instead of a crude animation, you'll see a fully animated book lying down with a pen on top. You can now tell if the book has been used quickly if the pen is lying on the floor, replacing the need to check every time. The book also makes a surprisingly loud scribbling sound that's audible from a distance, and the writing will be more visible.

Device Features Cause Chaos


Electronic Device gameplay has changed the most in the entire update, targeting most of your inventory. Devices used to flicker whenever a ghost starts hunting, letting your team know to be on high alert. After the update, they only glitch when the ghost is nearby, giving you even less time to respond to an attack. In combination with the fact that electronics now draw the ghost closer to you, players will have to turn all devices off before they find a hiding spot.

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The spirit box has received some new features, adding an X and ghost symbol to notify you when the ghost is talking back. The X symbol lights up when the box picks up your voice, saving you from wandering around talking aimlessly into the mic with no response. The volume-sensitive device can be a little temperamental and wastes time when the hunt is approaching – never a good idea.

Relearning The Ropes


To accommodate the two new haunting members of the team, Phasmophobia has reworked the entire roster's journal entries. All the information you learned about the previous ghost types has changed, giving each type new identifying tools. Relearning the 16 pages of clues knocks the veterans down to the same level as everyone else, evening the playing field while giving experienced players a new adventure.

While there's plenty of new equipment to explore, Exposition has fused the Infrared sensor with the Motion sensor. The two have similar uses so the game developers decided to combine them, lighting up an area while giving off an audio cue to the team. The sensor will allow you to track the ghost's movement more effectively, a critical piece of equipment now ghosts have become more elusive.

New Toys To Play With


The DOTS projector is a brand new piece of tech, lighting up an area with neon green spots that capture ghosts moving through them. The image is hard to see with the naked eye as they move quickly, creating a blurry image. Setting up a camera trap with night vision will make the process a lot easier, getting a cleaner image that you can easily use. Able to capture seven ghost types, getting familiar with the projector is key to rising in the ghost hunting ranks.

Glowsticks have also undergone a major change, only being active for 30 seconds instead of the indefinite use players expect. Stocking up before an investigation is key as fingerprints and footsteps won't find themselves and 30 seconds fly by when you're under pressure with a ghost chasing after you. It doesn't hurt to have an alternative light source available when the lights unexpectedly go out, leaving you in the dark during a hunt.

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