Phasmophobia: How To Light & Use Smudge Sticks

Phasmophobia can be an intimidating game for those who don't usually play horror games. The game's ghost investigations through various poorly lit buildings require a level head and a well-prepared player. Fortunately, Phasmophobia offers a load of equipment that players can use to tackle any kind of paranormal activity they might encounter.

For those players who are looking for some insurance against being killed by the ghosts they are trying to identify, Smudge Sticks are a must. But understanding their controls and exactly when to use this item can be a challenge, especially when players encounter aggressive ghosts in Phasmophobia. Those looking to master the Smudge Sticks can look to this guide.

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How and Why to Get Smudge Sticks

Though an optional piece of equipment in the game, Smudge Sticks can be one of the more useful items for players. Dying in Phasmophobia, even with the insurance money, can cost a player their optional items and limit their rewards.

Smudge Sticks can be burned to stop a ghost from hunting and killing players temporarily. Any ghost within 6 meters of Smudge Sticks when they are lit or when they go out will not be able to enter its hunting stage for 90 seconds (or 180 seconds if it is a Spirit).


If it has already entered its hunting stage but detects the burning of Smudge Sticks, it will be unable to attack players and wander aimlessly for 5 seconds. Once this time period is over, the ghost will continue its hunt unless another Smudge Stick is lit.

For players to acquire these items, they need to go to the part of Phasmophobia's main menu that deals with purchases. Clicking into the Item Store menu and underneath the category of Optional Equipment, Smudge Sticks can be purchased for $15 of in-game currency.


How to Use Smudge Sticks

Once this item has been added to a player's mission inventory, there are different ways to activate it. They can be lit by either a lighter or a lit candle. These are both optional items that have to be purchased and added to a player's inventory.

With a lighter in a player's personal inventory, players just need to hold Smudge Sticks and activate them (the default key is F). This starts their 6 seconds of burning and activates their abilities.


Another way to light Smudge Sticks is to interact with them while holding a lit candle or lighter. Burning Smudge Sticks while they are on the ground is just as effective as holding them in hand.

It is recommended that players use these when they are looking to calm down ghost interactions. With higher-level difficulty hunts in Phasmophobia, Smudge Sticks became even more useful.

Phasmophobia is available now on PC.

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