Phil Spencer is Glad Halo Infinite Will Launch at a Time When Xbox Series X/S Will be Easily Available

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The Xbox Series X/S and PS5 have enjoyed strong launches, with both sets of consoles accruing more launch sales than any of their predecessors. Of course, that, combined with the fact that they’ve launched in the midst of a pandemic, means that supply is limited, and there are many who’ve been unable to get their hands on one of the new consoles.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has acknowledged that issue (even though it seems these constraints will last for a few more months yet), though it seems he is, at least, glad that for one thing. Speaking in an interview with The Verge, Spencer talked about the delay of Halo Infinite, which was originally intended to be launch title, and said that even though the delay wasn’t ideal, he is, at least, glad that the game will now launch at a time when people will actually be able to get their hands on a new console to play the game on.

“In the long run, I think what’s going to happen is we’re going to get a better Halo game at a good time when people can actually get a console,” Spencer said. “I feel good about that. I think the game will be better for the time that we’re giving it.”

Of course, when Halo Infinite launches, it will also be available for Xbox One and PC (and on Android via xCloud), so even if you don’t have an Xbox Series X or Series S, you will still be able to play the game.

Contrary to recent rumours, it’s been confirmed that Halo Infinite will not have a presence at this year’s The Game Awards, though a “high level” update is planned for the shooter in the near future.

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