Pikmin Bloom Adds Challenges, Friend Invites, and More in New Update


Niantic is having trouble of late, with word dropping that the company will be laying off eight percent of its workforce as it tries to cut back on costs following the failures of some of its recent mobile games and what it refers to as “a time of economic turmoil.” Its efforts with Pokémon GO, however, remains highly lucrative and successful. Not quite as successful, but still apparently relevant to the company’s future despite not being the cash cow that GO is, is Pikmin Bloom. It just received a fairly significant update that fans both new and old will want to take a look at:

Here’s a rundown of what the changes are:

  • New Weekly Flower Planting Challenges: The goal here is based on the number of flowers planted, as opposed to the number of steps. Choose between the two types of challenges or do both. Also, join and complete a challenge before 07.24 to unlock special t-shirts for player Miis. Get an “Explore” t-shirt for a step-based challenge completed before 07.17 and a “Flower” t-shirt for a planting challenge finished by 07.24.
  • Invite Friends to Join Weekly Challenges: Users can now directly invite others to join them in challenges.
  • Physical Events Coming to Select US Locations: Niantic wants people to be able to connect face-to-face and will soon provide details on upcoming public, physical events in the near future.

Ready to #WalkOnGameOn?

Find out more here: https://t.co/D17vXtXQ8f

— Niantic 🧭 (@NianticLabs) July 11, 2022

If you’re feeling extra pumped about this update to Pikmin Bloom, Niantic is encouraging users to hit up social media with #WalkOnGameOn posts. If you’re interested in experiencing this refresh of Pikmin Bloom, simply download or update the game now.

Source: Niantic Press Release

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