Playdate Has Begun Shipping


Panic’s Game Boy inspired handheld Playdate has officially begun shipping. Announced back in 2019, the device has been highly anticipated by gaming enthusiasts for years. After selling out its initial batch of pre-orders, fans have been waiting and waiting to finally play the device, and word from Panic is that units are finally shipping out.

Playdate is notable for its unlit, black and white screen as well as the unique crank device located on the side of each unit. There are no cartridges to speak of, with all of the games available digitally via Playdates dedicated online storefront. The handheld costs $179 apiece and Panic is still taking orders. Were you one of the folks that pre-ordered Playdate? Are you interested in the handheld? Tell us down in the comments!

Source: Playdate Twitter Page

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