Playing Isklander, a stay-at-home immersive theatre experience


Where is Ivy Isklander? That's the question on my neighbour's lips. We're on a video call, and she – the elderly neighbour – is worried. She's worried young Ivy has gotten herself into trouble. She's worried Ivy was mixed up in something bad. Can I help look into it? Sure, but what does she want me to do? Knock on her door? I'm a bit taken aback when she tells me she wants me to hack into Ivy's email account.

How would you do that (forget the 'would you?' for a moment)? Where would you look for clues, for things someone might care about enough to use as a password? Of course! Where else? Social media.

So I go to Facebook to search for Ivy Isklander and to my surprise, she's there. I find her profile and start looking through her life, which feels as weird as it sounds. I even send her a message asking if she's okay, but she doesn't respond. But I do find what I'm looking for: a photo and a caption on it – a name. I use it as the password and all of a sudden I'm in.

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