Pokemon Fan Makes Steelix Sculpture Using Aluminum Foil

There are few fictional worlds out there with the same level of biodiversity and compelling visual design for iconic non-human characters as the world of Pokemon, so it's not exactly a surprise that fans are still working hard on tributes to their favorite Pokemon. However, one fan recently repurposed a common household item into art supplies by making an aluminum foil sculpture of the steel-type Pokemon Steelix.

Introduced in Gen 2, Steelix is a steel/ground-type Pokemon that evolves from the rocky snake-like Pokemon Onix. Visually, it looks like an enormous serpent made from silvery metal, a design choice that lends itself well to being recreated with aluminum foil.

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Redditor TheFoilGuy has plenty of previous experience working on aluminum foil sculptures, with his other projects including Godzilla, four Chaos Champions from Warhammer 40,000, and Gen 3 starter Pokemon Mudkip. However, Steelix's existing metallic traits make it especially well-suited to being captured in this art form. This isn't the first time a Pokemon fan has created a 3D art tribute to aPokemon, but it may be one of the most realistic – TheFoilGuy's take on Steelix looks ready to let out a menacing rumble and rear up like a huge, metallic cobra at any moment.

Steelix – Aluminum Foil Sculpture from

The sculpture features six stubby legs, a thin body studded with rock-like growths, and a massive head with an oversized lower jaw. It also includes specific details like eyes, teeth, and horns. The overall structure of the sculpture makes it instantly recognizable, while the dark hollows and raised areas on Steelix's face add a sense of depth and detail to it. Even the uneven surface created by folding and compressing aluminum foil adds to the sense of realism through a realistic take on Pokemon hide. A rock or steel-type Pokemon that spends much of its time underground would probably end up with a noticeably pitted and uneven surface, after all.

As of writing, the sculpture appears to have been warmly received by fans, many of whom complimented TheFoilGuy on his work. One user joked that Aluminix would be a good name for a theoretical third evolution of the Onix line. Another asked about the dimensions of the statue, while a third brought up the fact that they also used to make aluminum foil sculptures of Pokemon. Aluminum foil is a medium that's relatively easy to acquire, meaning that recreating this Steelix would probably require more skill than expensive tools. Overall, this particular piece of fan-created Pokemon art seems to have done quite well for itself.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will release on November 19 for the Nintendo Switch.

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