Pokemon Fans Want This Diamond and Pearl Feature to Return in the Remakes

Fans love many aspects of the Pokemon series. From the exciting battles to the iconic Evolution mechanic that lets players increase the power level of their Pokemon, it’s no wonder the series has remained extremely popular over the years. However, sometimes it’s the smaller details that some fans remember. As remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl prepare to release in a few months, one fan of the Gen 4 games pointed out a lesser-known feature that they hope returns.

In a recent Reddit post, one user known as twobrokenknees showed off a collage of images from the Gen 4 Pokemon games Diamond and Pearl. Each image showed off a letter written in the game. This feature was known as mail and was only part of the older games in the series. The mail function gave players a way to send messages to other trainers. This was done by giving the letter to the player’s Pokemon that could then deliver them through trading. Beyond sending messages to other trainers, players could receive mail from NPCs in the game as well.

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One of the reasons why players such as twobrokenknees liked the feature from Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl was because of its limitations. While players could buy a number of different letter designs from Poke Marts, they could only pick from a collection of preselected words to fill in the blank spaces on pre-written letters. As seen in their collection of letters in the Reddit Post, this often could lead to some interesting correspondence.

Only feature I want to see back in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is giving your pokemon mail with very limited pre-selected words you canuse. from

The Pokemon community on Reddit seems to be enjoying this trip down memory lane thanks to these messages from the mail feature. With over 1,000 upvotes, the consensus from the community is that the remastered versions of the games should include the feature as well. Others commented on the fan’s clever use of the limited words provided in the mail feature such as “IMPOSTER is AMOONGUSS.” While the Reddit user is referencing the popular game Among Us, Amoonguss is a Pokemon from the series as well.

Fans won’t have to wait long to see if the mail feature appears in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as the games are set to launch this November on the Switch. As the original versions of these games came out on the Nintendo DS in 2006, these remasters of the Gen 4 games look to give the visuals an overhaul. Beyond improved graphics on the Switch’s more powerful hardware, new features are expected to come to the game such as additional Pokemon types like the Fairy-type.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will release on November 19 for the Nintendo Switch.

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