Pokemon GO Players Are Encountering Shadow and Rainbow Pikachu

Over the past week, Pokemon GO players have shared their encounters with bizarre 'Shadow' and 'Rainbow' colored Pokemon through social media. Niantic regularly updates the AR Mobile title with new generations, regional variants, shinies, and special event cosmetics. Pikachu, in particular, has a lot of different styles for trainers to add to their collection. The popular electric-type has the spotlight again, with its strange color variations being the most widely talked about.

However, a Rainbow Pikachu, in particular, would be an odd addition to Pokemon GO, as the version has only appeared as a rare VMAX trading card, not starring in any game. This has understandably got many fans excited for a potential encounter with a rare Pikachu as the information gets shared between friends and online communities.

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However, after fans see the screenshots of these versions, they will realize that Niantic has not added rare Shadow and Rainbow spawns. It seems to be a glitched texture that takes all of or adds every color, creating these freaky versions. The bug affects all of the character models except the face. This results in the Pokemon looking like it's wearing either a black or rainbow full-body suit. Anybody looking to add one to their collection might be disappointed, as both Reddit users PKblaze and Xaphine reported that the altered texture disappeared after their glitched Pokemon GO Pikachu was caught.

Found this Pikachu outside my house. Is she a missing texture or some new costume? I captured her, and the game never added her to my collection. from

Pokemon TCG collectors, in particular, might be disappointed that they can't catch a Rainbow Pikachu, as its card is one of the rarer finds. It may not be one of the most expensive Pokemon cards ever sold, but it can go for over $1500 if officially appraised. Having one in a trainer's Pokemon GO collection would have been a less expensive way to claim ownership over such a rare Pikachu variation.

The bugged textures remind many fans of the famous MissingNo glitch from the original Pokemon Red and Blue releases. Players would encounter a non-existent Pokemon who could erase game files and disrupt graphics. Thankfully nobody has reported any data erasure along with their glitched spawns in Pokemon GO.

Redditor Xaphine, who caught a 'Rainbow' Pikachu, did report that it did not appear in their recently caught section but that it was in their journal. At least they have some record of this weird encounter that doesn't involve messing with game data.

This isn't the first glitch in Pokemon GO, but it is one of the coolest. Judging from the reactions on social media, fans would be clamoring to catch the Shadow and Rainbow Pikachu variations if given a chance.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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