Pokemon The Movie: Secrets Of The Jungle Hits Netflix This October

Pokemon The Movie: Secrets Of The Jungle will tell the tale of Ash making friends with a boy who thinks he's a Zarude when it arrives on Netflix October 8, 2021.

Pokemon's 25th anniversary celebrations have shown more than ever that the franchise has its hands in just about everything. Trading cards, video games, even doughnuts. It has also contributed a lot of content to the movie business. No fewer than 22 movies, as a matter of fact, with a 23rd coming to Netflix on October 8, 2021.

It was officially announced today that Pokemon The Movie: Secrets Of The Jungle will premiere on Netflix on the date above everywhere apart from Japan, China, and Korea. The Japanese version of the movie was released in Japan on Christmas Day last year. The first international trailer for Secrets Of The Jungle can be found below.

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The movie follows Koko, a boy abandoned in the jungle who has been raised by a wild Zarude. Much like Mowgli in The Jungle Book believeing he's a wolf, Koko is convinced that he is actually a Zarude like his adopted dad. Koko bumps into Pokemon movie stalwarts Ash and Pikachu who help him try to save the jungle, as well as aid him in figuring out if he's a human or a Pokemon.

A couple of Secrets Of The Jungle-themed surprises will be coming to Pokemon games to celebrate the release of the movie on Netflix. Sword and Shield players can get Dada Zarude and Shint Celebi. Sign up to Pokemon Trainer Club between now and September 25, 2021, and you will receive an email containing a distribution code for both Pokemon on October 7, the day before Secrets Of The Jungle arrives.

Pokemon Go will also be getting some Secrets Of The Jungle surprises, the details of which will be revealed at a later date. Pokemon Go players have enough to keep them occupied for the time being anyway. They picked up a major win recently when Niantic announced it was reinstating the wider radiuses for gyms and Pokestops. It has also revealed Inkay and Malamar will be making their Pokemon Go debuts later this month.

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