Pokemon Unite Bug Lets Blastoise Spam Its Unite Move

Blastoise hasn't even been in Pokemon Unite for a week yet, and is already causing problems and turning the meta on its head. As a few players have discovered, the game is very generous with Blastoise's unite move recharge time – to the point that some are able to spam it endlessly.

Players have been able to spam Blastoise's unite move up to three times in just 30 seconds. This appears to be due to a bug that resets the unite move charge down to 90 percent rather than 0 percent when it's used, which can easily be brought up to 100 percent by the time the move's effects have worn off.

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Blastoise can Unite Move 3 times in 30 seconds! Woah! [BUG] from

This discovery has been shared by multiple users on Reddit, such as AgentUndertaker who captured the above footage. Another player reporting the issue claims that they were able to use the unite move six times in the final two minutes of the match

It isn't all good news for Blastoise players, however. Being able to spam the Pokemon's most powerful attack comes at a price, and the trade-off is that it doesn't actually damage enemies, rather you just get the shield gains. This is still extremely useful though, as it can make it incredibly hard for enemies to take you out if you're getting constant shield buffs. As seen in the footage, spamming the move enables a player to survive both another Blastoise and some powerful attacks from Zapdos, securing the legendary Pokemon for their team.

This isn't the only bug damaging competitive play. Another player discovered a glitch where the map turns into a black void – but only for one teammate. Other players continue playing the match as usual, but one of them is invisible to everyone else, and can only attack enemies. With the map completely disappeared, they were unable to score any goals for their team.

Pokemon Unite is currently available to play on Switch. It's scheduled to launch on mobile September 22.

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