Pokemon Unite Promises Two More Beloved Pokemon To The Roster

With the recent announcement of Blissey for the Pokemon Unite roster, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of many more Pokemon to come. The Pokemon Unite community has created tons of alternative skins and mods for the game, forcibly adding their favorite Pokemon to the roster. However, these players have also been patiently awaiting the official release of many more to the currently somewhat small cast.

Pokemon Unite, for those unfamiliar, is a recently released MOBA by Nintendo, allowing Pokemon fans to enjoy the games' iconic characters in brand new competitive settings. Along with players asking for a whole slew of changes to Pokemon Unite, the community has also expressed their great desire for a variety of Pokemon to be added. After a few leaks and suspicions by the public, fans of the game predicted an upcoming release of Blastoise to the game. As time passed though, Blissey was officially announced, and players have recently been surprised by the teasing of two additional unprecedented Pokemon.

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Less than two days after the in-game teaser of Blissy being added to Pokemon Unite was released, Serebii.net on Twitter released what appears to be two in-game screenshots of Pokemon coming to the game. The two Pokemon in question are Mamoswine and Sylveon, with the community heavily suggesting the first to be a Defender, and the latter to be an Attacker. Current Defenders in the game are larger and heavier Pokemon, giving some credence to Mamoswine starring as a Defender in the MOBA. Alternatively, Sylveon may see an addition as a Speedster or Attacker, with Alolan Ninetails having the closest stature to that of the fairy-type Pokemon.

After the announcement of Blissey being added to the game, and the following release date into Pokemon Unite being only two days afterward, the community may not have to wait very long to hear more about Mamoswine and Sylveon. The game's cast is quite small, and despite the MOBA genre always allowing for constantly changing gameplay, much of the Defender cast can quickly become stale due to the limited character choices. The addition of these two new Pokemon alongside the Support Pokemon Blissey will not only change the community's passion for the game, but the game's meta itself.

For the community though, this news has come at somewhat of a shock. Blastoise has been not only a heavily requested Pokemon for the game, but an eagerly expected one following many promises by the developer TiMi studios. After consistent desire for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite, the release of two unpredicted Pokemon may leave some fans unfulfilled. Fortunately though, with Pokemon Unite's continually rising popularity, TiMi studios are sure to add a wide variety of Pokemon to fulfill fans of all different types in time.

Pokemon Unite is available now on the Nintendo Switch, and is coming to Mobile in September 2021.

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