Pokimane Is Taking A Twitch Break

Pokimane is extending her Twitch hiatus, announcing that she will return to streaming September 8.

Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, announced this extended break on her secondary Twitter account, saying: "I've been enjoying my time back home so much that I extended my stay a bit. I really needed this." This comes after Anys had previously opened up about feeling "burnt out" and "ready to give up" on streaming.

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Previously speaking in a video posted to her secondary YouTube account, Anys had opened up about her mood in recent weeks. "Why do I have seven figures in my bank account for? To feel like a slave to what I’m expected to do or to the capitalistic idea of making the most amount of money you can? I just don’t want this to be my norm", Anys vented.

The popular gaming streamer continued, saying: "I just find myself doing so many things that I’m not excited about…I’m just a f**king shoulder. I always do things that I feel like I should do. All these years, I’ve been living my life and framing it in such a way where I avoid having any regret. But avoiding regret does not mean you are pursuing what you want. Those are two very, very different things."

Anys hasn't streamed since August 22, meaning it will be an almost three-week hiatus by the time she returns September 8. In the meantime, she has posted across her social media that she is staying with family, making the most of the break from her streaming schedule.

In her absence, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Twitch. Hate raids – already an issue faced by marginalised streamers – have only gotten worse in recent weeks, with abusers now using bots to spam chats with racist and transphobic abuse. This has made it impossible for some streamers to go live, as the raid not only makes the chat impossible to moderate without a large team, but can also slow the stream itself down, as hundreds of bot accounts suddenly follow the streamer. Some streamers boycotted the site due to Twitch's inaction, causing a drop in a million views.

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