Police games: the best cop games on PC in 2021

Police games: the best cop games on PC in 2021

What are the best police games? We have all considered life as a cop, super sleuth, or detective, for a brief moment. Whether drawn in by the position of authority, the puzzling case work, or even the hard drinking: police games deliver plenty of action and intrigue.

However, cop games are not all about John Woo-esque shootouts and high-speed car chases, and in fact, the best police games often see you digging through crime scenes for evidence and carrying out routine procedures rather than pursuing perps, gun drawn.

To help you find the right police games for you, we have assembled a list that encompasses every aspect of the job, from hard-boiled detective games, to cop simulations that immerse you in life on the beat – not to mention a sprinkling of unconventional picks to keep things interesting. We come back to our lists often to add new games and ensure you’re getting the very best cop games around. So, get yourself a box doughnuts, a thermos of coffee, and get ready to stakeout the best police games on PC.

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