Projekt Melody Banned from Twitch for a Second Time, Partnership Status Revoked

Projekt Melody

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The world’s first virtual anime camgirl Projekt Melody has been banned from Twitch for a second time, losing partnership status.

We previously reported how Projekt Melody had become the world’s first virtual anime camgirl. Outside of that, Melody has also streamed and uploaded videos to Twitch and YouTube. While her Twitch debut (while partnered) saw her suspended just 24 hours after her debut in March 2020; Melody has been banned once again.

StreamerBans [1, 2], a website dedicated to cataloging the details of Twitch streamer bans, reports that fate has fallen upon Melody a second time, along with a loss of partnership. The loss of partnership may suggest the ban is permanent. At this time of writing, no statement has come from the vtuber’s Twitter account.

UPDATE: For clarity, Melody’s first ban did not result in her losing her partnership. This is based on StreamerBan not making note of Melody losing her partnership when first banned, and that Melody retained her partnership when she returned.

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DotEsports reports her last stream was on November 2nd. Due to her account being banned the content of the stream can no longer be viewed, and so the reason for the ban is not clear to the outside world.

The content of Projekt Melody’s non adult work includes playing video games, chatting with watchers, and a podcast with other English vtubers dubbed Lewdcast. One of these podcast episodes featured Japanese adult actress Kaho Shibuya. Melody’s style of humor often involves double entendres and flirtatious comments, though this is not the only content on her works.

In April 2020, Twitch updated their policies related to “Nudity and Attire” and “Sexually Suggestive Content.” While aimed at real-life women wearing explicit clothing or engaging in sexually suggestive behavior, it is possible Melody was banned for a similar reason.

One rule stated “Augmented reality avatars that translate real-life movement into digital characters are subject to this standard, as is cosplay and other costumes.” While Melody’s model features breasts that can jiggle as she moves, her recent clothing features a crop top; only exposing her shoulders and stomach.

Projekt Melody can still be found on YouTube, and some adult websites.

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