PS5 Records Your Mic’s Audio Every Time You Unlock a Trophy


Sony has made a number of interesting changes to how Trophies work on the PS5. One of these sees the console automatically recording 15 second-long clips of the moment you unlock a Trophy instead of the snapshots the PS4 takes. Interestingly enough, as discovered by a Reddit poster, it does more than just record a short clip.

The Reddit user in question posted a clip of a Trophy they unlocked while playing Demon’s Souls for beating the Tower Knight boss fight, which shows that in addition to recording a clip, the PS5 also automatically records audio from your DualSense’s microphone. It seems like an interesting feature (especially for those particularly hard-to-get Trophies, of which there’s no shortage in Souls games), though if you want, you can, of course, turn it off by turning off your mic in the PS5’s settings.

I can only imagine what kinds of expletive-filled clips players will inadvertently unlock when they finally beat Old King Allant in Demon’s Souls. Those should be particularly interesting to see (and to listen to).

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