PSVR 2 Launch Set for February 22, 2023 for $549

Players in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg will initially be able to pre-order PlayStation VR2 solely through PlayStation’s online store at In other markets, PlayStation VR2 will be sold at participating retailers.

While the launch date is still a little shaky, the company has stated that it will launch the PlayStation VR2 as early as Q1 2023. Historically, the company has launched major PlayStation hardware in Q3 or Q4, although it launched the first PSVR headset in Q4. Because it does not want to compete with other consumer electronics makers on price, Sony is keeping the PSVR2’s release date as early as possible.

Sony has announced 11 new VR titles that will be available for the PS VR2 when it launches. These new PSVR2 games include the following games.

While PSVR2 will be more expensive than its predecessor, it will feature improved VR technology and be compatible with the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation VR2 is set to launch on February 22 2023 for $549.

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