Psychonauts 2: 10 Hidden Locations Only Experts Found

There are many gameplay elements that make up the Psychonauts 2 experience. There's the platforming that gets players from one place to another. There's also the combat that requires the player to use different abilities to take on the worst parts of the mental world. There's also the story that follows Raz's journey through the Psychonauts intern program.

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But a critical element of the game is truly the sense of exploration. As players navigate the Psychonauts 2 world, they will be tasked with finding various collectibles while looking in places they wouldn't think to check. Luckily, there are plenty of hidden areas that are satisfying to find in the game.

Noodle Bowl Rafters


The main hub for all the agents is filled with lots of rooms, ranging from a classroom to a bowling alley. But one room that players may notice right away, in the beginning, is the Noodle Bowl, which seems to be the cafeteria of the Motherlobe.

The room doesn't seem to have much going on at first glance, but it may not take long to see the wall on the right covered in climbable vines. Once up the vines, players can bounce to each of the lighting fixtures collecting cards. At the end of the path, there is a PSI Challenge Marker waiting to give an easy level-up.

Surpassing The Treehouse


When players reach Green Needle Gulch later in the game, players will have a whole new hub to explore and get used to as they begin to finish off the game. Along the path to Cassie's place, players will see that there is a treehouse present.

Climbing the pole that's across from the tree will allow Raz to hover into it. But if players want to go higher, there are hidden thought bubbles that Raz must use the Thought Tuner to make those thoughts appear and make his way even higher. While there are a few collectibles, this hidden area's main gem is the nice view it provides.

On The Dam


Leaving the Motherlobe for the first time puts Raz in the middle of a large Quarry. This beautiful area of the game allows players to explore every nook-and-cranny without the threat of an enemy.

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Since there are so many directions one can go in this area, it would make sense if people didn't realize that they can access a section on the dam. This area will have a few things and also a simple puzzle that is required to turn off any damaging electricity that is active. Overall, another unimpressive place but it is satisfying to discover.

Above The Library


When in Cassie's mind, the very first room that Raz is able to explore is the large library room. It has a ton of tall bookshelves and a planet at the center of it all. But if players are looking to advance the story, they may miss out on the opportunity of making it to the top of the room.

Once players have their Projection ability, they can use him on a lever on the ground that can lift players as they are standing on the planet. Once at the top, Raz will be able to meet paper versions of the Psychic Seven, including Lucretia Mux. There are also some figments and a piece of luggage up here.

Beneath The Stage


There is a lot happening in the mind of the PSI King, so it is easy to miss out on the smaller elements of the level. And while Raz may be busy talking to the various senses at the main stage, it is easy to miss out on an entire section underneath the stage that is ripe for exploring.

If facing the back of the stage from the lot, players can simply head underneath the right staircase and see there's a hallway that can be raided. It's also important to remember to burn any pictures that may be in the way. There is one here that leads to a suitcase, which contributes to the emotional baggage collection.

Top Of The Cake


This may not be a hidden area, per se, but it certainly is easy to miss. Right before the Wedding Reception Area in the "Bob's Bottles" level, Raz will have exited an area and hovered over to where they can wall jump the cake pieces to the top.

Once here, players should look directly behind them at the cake with the lit candles. If one can reach a high point to jump off and hover over there, players will be treated to getting an emotional baggage tag and some figments that are floating above the candles.

Behind The Far-Fetched Falls


If players are interested in doing the side quests in Psychonauts 2, then players will need to locate this area. When searching for the special fungi for Lili, players will need to head to the Far-Fetched Falls in the Questionable Area.

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If Raz has the ability to slow time, he can slow down one of the logs that are going up the waterfall. If the ability is used again to slow the log as Raz is riding on it, players will be able to jump behind the waterfalls into a set of caves that has the fungi in it, as well as some important collectibles.

Sassclops Cave Painting


Speaking of the Questionable Area, there are so many different nooks to search for in the large forest. One area that may stand out right away is the Sassclops Cave as the display of the creature is actively waving. It is assumed that this was once an area for kids.

If Raz goes inside, players will be able to walk around a bit and look at some of the exhibits. Right before the exit, however, players will notice that there is a burnable painting above one of the exhibits. Burning this will open up the path to another PSI Challenge Marker.

Within The Sets


In the final level of the game, Raz is placed in a ride that will slowly reveal some key story points that won't be spoiled here. What will be revealed is that these set pieces aren't as hollow as one may think when walking around.

In fact, there are multiple sections in the level that can be explored further. Some examples include walking right into a painting in order to retrieve an emotional baggage item. There are plenty of ways to get behind certain sets that will lead to all sorts of things completionists love: figments, baggage tags, and Nuggets of Wisdom.

Under The Buttons


For the second-to-last mind in the game, Raz will experience walking around in a world that is made up entirely of colorful cloth and various sewing materials. Along the path, however, he may need to deal with quite a few enemies.

It's because of this that many players will miss out on large buttons that are on the ground. There are two of them and both can be pulled off using telekinesis. A lot of the collectibles that are easy to miss in this level are in the hole that appears when players remove the button.

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