Psychonauts 2 Guide – How to Find All Figments, PSI Challenge Cards, Half-A-Minds, and More

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Like many 3D platformers, Psychonauts 2 has a number of different collectibles to find. They’re spread out over different places like the central Motherlobe hub and Minds with some – like Loboto’s Labyrinth – requiring you to return with other abilities in order to collect them. Let’s look over all of the different collectible types here.

  • Figments – Scattered throughout each location, these appear like rough chalk-like drawings. Easy to find though some may be out of your reach or located in secret crevices. Collecting them allows for leveling up different powers.
  • Nuggets of Wisdom – Allow for leveling up different powers like Figments but grant a full rank. They’re much less common with only a few in each level and are usually located in secret places.
  • Half-A-Mind – Represented as half of a brain, collecting two of these will increase your maximum health. Usually, there are one or two to find in each Mind.
  • Memory Vaults – Appearing like pig-shaped vaults, these contain slideshows, often showcasing backstories for different characters. Though not super-necessary to collect for progression, they do provide some additional information on the person’s mind. They’re also located off the beaten path and in secret locations.
  • Emotional Baggage – Provide additional XP, though you’ll first need to find their Baggage Tags in order to unlock them.
  • PSI Challenge Cards – Located in real world locations, collecting nine and combining them with a Core will provide an additional rank to Raz.
  • PSI Challenge Markers – Purchased from the Otto-Matic machines but can also be located in different areas. They bestow a rank to Raz but are fairly well hidden, usually in areas that require specific powers.
  • Scavenger Hunt Items – Ever wondered how to get Raz’s clothes back from the other interns? You’ll need to collect all of the Critical Psychonaut Assets that Norma lists out, which are located in each of the main hubs. Since you won’t gain access to all of them at once, they’ll take time to collect. Upon collecting each item, you’ll also need to complete the game and visit Norma to give her everything.
  • Supply Chests and Keys – The former contains Psitanium which can be used to purchase health items, pins and PSI Challenge Markers from the Otto-Matic. However, you’ll need to first collect keys to open them with. Any key that you find can be used to open any chest in any level.

To locate all of these collectibles, check out the video guides below courtesy of Game Guides Channel. Psychonauts 2 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PC. Check out our official review here.

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