Psychonauts 2 release date set for August

Psychonauts 2 release date set for August

We've been waiting for the follow-up to Psychonauts for the better part of two decades – Rhombus of Ruin only half-counts – and the time is finally upon us. At today's Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, we got a fresh look at the sequel, and the Psychonauts 2 release date has been confirmed for August 25, 2021.

A new trailer gives us a look at some further adventures in store for us. If you've missed the details on Psychonauts 2 so far, you'll once again be playing as Raz, the circus-acrobat-turned-psychic-spy. As a full member of the titular Psychonauts, you'll be working to root out a villainous mole in the organisation, and diving deep into the minds of a colourful cast of characters to do it.

Psychonauts was the first title released under the Double Fine name, and the one which set the tone for the studio's games – colourful, weird, and full of heart. Now, Psychonauts 2 will be Double Fine's first release since being acquired by Microsoft.

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