Psychonauts 2: Where to Find Astronaut Ice Cream

For the completionists out there who have been playing Psychonauts 2, they can complete optional challenges and quests to fully immerse themselves into the psychedelic 3D platformer. One of these optional challenges requires players to collect 16 unique items scattered around Psychonauts 2's world. Players can use this guide to find one of the Scavenger Hunt items that some players have trouble locating: the Astronaut Ice Cream.

Where is the Astronaut Ice Cream Located in Psychonauts 2

If players check out the info description of the Astronaut Ice Cream in the menu, it states that the ice cream has been seen around the Motherlobe, but Agent Forsythe can never seem to locate it. Psychonauts 2 players can find the ice cream in the Nerve Center, but it's not as simple as just walking in and grabbing the Scavenger Hunt collectible.


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Inside Psychonauts 2 Nerve Center

Once inside the Nerve Center, Psychonauts 2 players will see a green glowing monitor in the middle of the room. While there are several monitors, only one of them will be lit green. When players interact with it, the computer monitor directly opposite it will also light up green. Head over to that one and interact with it, and then interact with the computer to the right of that one. The next monitor to light up will be to the right of the first monitor players interacted with.


Once all of the screens are interacted with, players should now head to the lone monitor against the wall. The monitor is actually an ice cream machine, and when players activate it, the elusive Astronaut Ice Cream will pop out of the bottom. The item will automatically be collected, and players will be one step closer to finding all 16 unique Scavenger Hunt items. This isn't pertinent to the main story, but it's still an enjoyable side activity for hardcore fans.


If players are still looking for even more collectibles, they can try their hand at locating all of the Emotional Baggage, Half-a-Minds, and Nuggets of Wisdom. Every stage has some hidden items to collect, so Psychonauts 2 players definitely have a lot of work to put into the game if they want to achieve 100% completion.

Psychonauts 2 is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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