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Dead by Daylight Cross-Play agora é uma coisa


Developer Behaviour Interactive Editor Behaviour Interactive Release Date June 14, 2016 Genre Survival Horror Multiplayer modes Co Op, Online Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, IOS Monetization Character DLC, Cosmetic DLC, Non-Cosmetic DLC, One Time Purchase Purchase (Some links may be affiliated) GamesPlanet Green Man Gaming Humble Bundle Microsoft Store Nintendo Store PlayStation Store Vapor

Console and PC Gamers Unite

Behaviour Interactive announced Morto pela luz do dia cross-play today for the their hit asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer horror game. Beyond this, they also announced that there will be cross-friend support between console and PC.

With Morto pela luz do dia being on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices there are, unsurprisingly, some asteriks to this. First of all, and by far the least controversial is that Morto pela luz do dia already had limited cross-play on PC, between the Windows Store and Steam. This was a key aspect to the furthering of this over the past year, as Behaviour Interactive was able to use what they learned from the work on Morto pela luz do dia PC cross-play to inform the work to make cross-platform crossplay happen.

The second point is that Morto pela luz do dia cross-play will not include mobile devices. Instead, Morto pela luz do dia cross-play will be implemented between PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, e Xbox One, making players on various consoles and PC able to play together for the first time in this horror experience. With the cross-friend support, you will be able to create a cross-platform friends list so that it is easy to track them down to get into the game togethereven if its not so easy to track them down in game.

Over 25 million people have played Morto pela luz do dia since its launch in 2016, with Behaviour Interactive saying that across all platforms, on any given day over one million people may play. Since launch it has also boasted popular cross-overs with franchises like Silent Hill, Stranger Things, e Saw among others.

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