PUBG: Battlegrounds is having a Free Play Week on PC

If you've been eyeing up Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (or PUBG: Battlegrounds as its new marvellously redundant moniker would have it) for the last four years but somehow still haven't quite convinced yourself to pick give it a go, you might be interested to know you can currently play the one-time battle royale phenomenon for free on PC.

PUBG: Battlegrounds' Free Play Week is now underway on Steam, giving interested parties to chance to play all available modes and maps until next Monday, 16th August. That, of course, includes PUBG's new Taego map, whisking players players back to 1980s South Korea.

Taego – PUBG's first 8x8km map since 2017's Miramar – is notable for a number of key new features, including self-revive and the new Gulag-esque Comeback BR mechanic. The latter gives players that die prior to the first Blue Zone the chance to respawn if they can survive against other players in a separate Comeback Arena.

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