PUBG: New State Gets An "Expected" Launch Date Of October 8, Pre-Orders Open On iOS

PUBG: New State was loosely slated for a September launch, although it seems that's been ever-so-slightly pushed back. According to its page on the App Store, PUBG: New State is expected to arrive on October 8 – although pre-orders are available now.

Krafton has not yet made an official statement about the listed release date, although TheGamer has reached out for comment. Given the vague September 2021 launch many were expecting, an October release doesn't seem too unrealistic.

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Regardless of when it arrives, players on iOS can now pre-register for the title to earn a free and permanent in-game vehicle skin. There will also be another Alpha Test for Android users from August 27-29 in Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, and Egypt. More than 650,000 players have already applied for the Alpha Test – although you can still sign up on the New State website.

PUBG: New State is an entirely new battle royale from Krafton and PUBG Studios. The free mobile title will feature "ultra-realistic graphics," a sprawling open-world, and is said to put the "ultimate PUBG experience in the palm of your hands." The title also introduces new mechanics, including dodging, drone calls, and support requests.

The popular title – which already has over 28 million pre-registrations on Google Play – takes place decades after the original and will see the rise of new factions in the dystopian year of 2051. If you're eager to jump into the action, make sure you pre-register and earn your free bit of in-game swag.

Beyond PUBG: New State, PUBG Mobile is now offering $100 million to content creators as it hopes to encourage and promote a healthy community and active engagement. You'll need to have quite a few followers on your platform of choice to apply, but it's a great incentive nonetheless. Meanwhile, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds recently changed its name to… PUBG Battlegrounds. It's not a big change, but will supposedly make it easier to identify new spin-off titles in the franchise.

PUBG: New State is listed for an October 8 launch.

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