Quake Remastered: Every Weapon In The Game, Ranked

Quake Remastered released right at the end of August, and was a welcome surprise for fans of the series. The Remaster is now available on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. It has been a quarter of a century since Quake's initial launch, and now players are finally able to experience the classic arena FPS on next gen consoles.

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The remastered edition features updated graphics and animations, as well as 60 frames per second. In a future update, the game will even support up to 120 FPS. Naturally, new players that are trying out the game for the first time will want to know what weapons to use and the best strategies to rack up kills. This guide covers all eight of them, ranked from worst to best.



The axe is the worst weapon in Quake, as it only deals 20 damage per blow. Because character base health is 100, it will take at least five swings to get a kill.

In standard deathmatch, players spawn in with a shotgun, so it would make no sense to use the axe. Both weapons have the same RPM, but the Shotgun does 4 more damage per hit. Technically, they both require 5 hits for a kill, but the range of the shotgun makes it a better choice.



In standard multiplayer, the spawn weapon is always the shotgun. It is not a very powerful weapon because of the five shot kill potential at only 120 rpm. The shotgun has surprising accuracy at medium range, but doesn't do enough damage to be used as a main weapon. Players will want to get one of the power weapons listed below instead.

Despite how bad the base shotgun is, players will use the classic weapon as much as any other, and well placed hits will net a few frags.

Double Barreled Shotgun


Double Barreled shotguns inflict more than twice the damage of the base Shotgun. With 56 damage per shot, the gun will kill opposing players in two shots.

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It shares the same velocity with the base Shotgun, but has a much slower rate of fire. Because it fires about 25% slower than the Shotgun, it is an unforgiving weapon if people miss their shots.

Nailgun & Super Nailgun


Both of these weapons will take some time to master. The Nailgun is not very effective; it only does 9 damage per nail and fires 600 rounds per minute. That means it will take 12 nails to kill an enemy. While these nails fire pretty quick, it will be challenging to hit a target with them. Standard Nailguns have a terrible bullet velocity, meaning that gamers will have to lead their targets to get hits.

Super Nailguns have slightly more bullet velocity, but they still have a steep learning curve. The upgraded version of the Nailgun does twice the damage as well. With just six shots from the fast firing weapon, enemies will go down quick.

Grenade Launcher


Grenade Launchers will kill enemies with one shot as long, as they do not have armor. For that reason, it sneaks into the top three. The weapon's slow fire rate and delayed explosion can give it decent potential in the right hands. However, new players will likely prefer the Rocket Launcher because it has projectiles that explode on impact.

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Despite that, though, this weapon is still a good choice. Each grenade rolls on the ground before it will explode, unless there is a direct impact. Detonation occurs two seconds after a grenade is fired.



The one of a kind Thunderbolt does 30 damage per shot, which is 14 more damage than the Super Nailgun. It also has the same fire rate, making it superior on the stat sheet. Not only that, but its accuracy is impressive as well.. After the first bolt, the aim will sway from side to side slightly, but it is far more accurate than the Nailguns.

Players of all skill levels will be able to have fun and get kills while using the Thunderbolt. Plus, it just looks cool. Tap firing the Thunderbolt can help users improve precision from far away, making it a great choice.

Rocket Launcher


The Rocket Launcher is the competitive weapon of choice in pretty much any Quake game. With an updated skin and animation, it looks better too. The weapon does enough damage to reward a one shot kill on opponents that do not have armor equipped. Even though it has a relatively slow bullet velocity, the Rocket Launcher will best every weapon in the game. With a little bit of practice, gamers will get the hang of leading their targets and accounting for the velocity.

In the classic Quake LAN tournaments, every professional player wanted to choose the Rocket Launcher over anything else. Gamers will want to memorize the spawns of the gun, so they can pick it up on every map.

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