Rainbow Six Quarantine – 5 More Minutes of Gameplay Footage Leaked

rainbow six quarantine

Though Ubisoft have been awfully quiet about Rainbow Six Quarantine (or whatever they wind up actually calling it), a number of leaks in the last few weeks have revealed plenty of new details on the co-op PvE shooter, showing new gameplay details and providing glimpses of what the game is going to be like when it finally launches. Now, another leak shows about five minutes of new gameplay footage.

There’s plenty of action being shown off here, and the video encapsulates the structure of missions in the game pretty neatly. Everything from aliens and weapons to gadgets and environments are shown off, and it’s clear that the game seems to be attempting to strike a balance between using familiar elements from other Rainbow Six games (especially Siege) and injecting some of its own new ideas as well. Check it out below.

Multiple recent leaks have suggested that Rainbow Six Quarantine is going to be renamed to Parasite, but Ubisoft has said that that’s just a name given to it for internal testing purposes, and that the final name is yet to be revealed.

Ubisoft has previously said that the shooter is going to launch by September by the latest, but new updates on the game have been scant since then. Stay tuned for more details as they come our way.

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