Rainbow Six Siege on PS5 Will Implement DualSense Features for “Better Immersion and Improved Reflexes”

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When Rainbow Six Siege launches on the PS5 and Xbox Series X less than a week from now, it will boast support for 4K/60 FPS, and even 120 FPS at a dynamic 4K resolution. Like many other games though, thanks to the PS5’s DualSense and its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the game will include some exclusive features on the console.

An update on the PlayStation blog states that the development team has “embraced the new DualSense wireless controller”, and that it will use the controller’s unique features to deliver “better immersion and improved reflexes in high-stakes gunfights.”

Using the adaptive triggers, the game will emulate the resistance of a weapon’s trigger, while said resistance will also vary depending on what type of weapon you’re using. So while pistols will offer lighter resistance in the R2 button, the trigger will be much heavier when using weapons such as machine guns.

“Thanks to the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, squeezing the R2 trigger emulates the resistance of an actual trigger, offering a unique feel for each weapon category and shooting gadget,” the blog update reads. “For example, adaptive trigger resistance is light and quick for pistols, and heavier for bigger, powerful weapons like light machine guns. Players will also be able to feel the difference between single fire and full-automatic for full immersion.”

Meanwhile, players can also expect similar implementation of the controller’s haptic feedback. “Thanks to the haptic feedback players will sense impact like never before. Dynamic and immersive, haptic feedback reacts with the environment. Weapons, explosions, gadgets and so on will provide feedback directly in the player’s hands.”

Rainbow Six Siege will launch for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on December 1. It is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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