Rare on Sea of Thieves’ massive Pirates of the Caribbean update and getting crossovers right

One of the more leftfield surprises to come out of this year's E3 (although in hindsight, it's such a natural fit, it shouldn't have been much of a surprise at all), was the announcement that Captain Jack Sparrow would be soon making his way to the Sea of Thieves as part of a mammoth new Pirates of the Caribbean crossover story arc for the swashbuckling multiplayer adventure. And ahead of its arrival this Tuesday, 22nd June, we had chance to chat with Rare to find out more about its impressively ambitious free update.

A Pirate's Life, as Rare's new five-episode Tall Tales story arc is officially titled, plunges players into a fight for the future of the Sea of Thieves after Captain Jack (here played by Jared Butler, an actor with a long history of voicing the character in video games) successfully navigates the perilous fog known as the Devil's Shroud surrounding the Sea of Thieves with Davy Jones in tow.

The ensuing adventure dips liberally into the worlds of both crossover franchises, most notably for Sea of Thieves fans, giving players their first opportunity to some visit some key locations in the game's expansive lore – including the underwater Sunken Kingdom, home of the malevolent sirens, and the Sea of the Damned, a realm between life and death where the dreams and nightmares of pirates take on a physical reality.

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