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Razer has made some sleeves for your sweaty thumbs

Sweaty thumbs are the worst aren’t they? You might as well not have these opposable digits for how useless they become when they decide to spurt liquid out of every pore, but thankfully gaming peripherals maker Razer has come up with a solution: thumb sleeves.

Specifically designed with mobile gaming in mind, the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve is a non-slip finger sleeve made out of a “smooth, high-sensitivity fabric” that blends silver with nylon and spandex to snugly encase your slick and salty fingers and/or thumbs. It might seem counter intuitive to pop these on your pointers when they’re clearly overheating from your latest quest for a Fortnite or PUBG chicken dinner, but they promise to be lightweight and breathable.

Razer Finger Sleeves

Costing $10 for a pair of finger sheathes, you’ll also get to show off your gamer credentials thanks to the Razer logo and branding being emblazoned in neon green.

Yes, it’s a thoroughly daft product, but Razer has made a name for themselves over the last few years for chasing each and every niche they possibly can. That’s led them down some rather strange rabbit holes, like having gamer-enhancing drinks and gum under the Respawn brand – this spawned from the 2010 April Fool’s joke called Project Venom – and Project Hazel, a face mask with active filtering, a clear front to let people see your mouth, and (obviously) some neon lighting.

In the case of the finger sleeves, however, we can’t help but feel like mobile gamers might be better served by looking for a dedicated gaming peripheral, such as Razer’s own Kishi and Junglecat gamepad attachments that attach to the sides of your phone and give you a fully array of sticks, buttons and triggers.

Still, if you suffer from chronic thumb sweat, I guess it’s nice to know that someone out there has got your back.

Source: Razer

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