RDO: Where To Find Wolves

Red Dead Online has put an emphasis on its Daily Tasks, which oftentimes entails locating different flora and fauna in order to complete a variety of goals. The wolves roaming across the states are one of the more sought-after species as their big game status and legendary variant can help players fulfill an array of Tasks.

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If you're having trouble tracking down these majestic hunters, read on to pinpoint all of the best wolf locations in Red Dead Online.

Hunting Tips


Before we get into where to find these predatory creatures, let's go over a few hunting tips so you can get the most out of your tracking efforts and start knocking those Daily Tasks off your list.

  • As you may know, wolves hunt in packs, so long-range weapons are good for singling out specific targets.
    • Rifles, sniper rifles, and bows are top choices when hunting wolves in order to maintain a pristine hide.
  • A wolf howl signals to a player when a wolf pack is on the attack, a handy cue to ready your weapon and keep your eyes peeled.
  • Wolves will start to scatter once you've killed off a majority of their pack, so if it's quality hide you're after, try to single out a pristine wolf amongst the pack to target first during the hunt.

Wolf Locations


There are a couple of wolf variants in Red Dead Online, and both seem to stick to their respective territories for the most part.

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Gray Wolf Locations

Gray Wolves predominantly inhabit West Elizabeth, roaming certain areas among the Big Valley and Tall Trees North regions.

  • Hanging Dog Ranch is located in the northernmost stretches of the Big Valley region, near the conjoining of roads headed towards the Ambarino border.
  • The Aurora Basin can be found on the opposite end of West Elizabeth on the southwest border of the Tall Trees region.

Timber Wolf Locations

Cousin to the Gray Wolf, Timber Wolves may be found roaming throughout the Grizzlies in Ambarino. If you haven't come across a pack up here in a while, try narrowing your search to these specific locations.

  • Head up to Cairn Lake in the Northernmost reaches of the Grizzlies West. If none are gathered near this watering hole, try scouting the land to the west.
  • O'Creagh's Run is another lake that lies across Ambarino in the southwest region amidst the Grizzlies East.
  • Cumberland Forest, which spans Ambarino's central southern region,is also a common hunting ground for Timber Wolves.

Legendary Wolf Location

If you've got a legendary task on your plate, wolves are among the species you can seek out to fulfill those requirements. The Legendary Wolf spawns along with Timber Wolves up north in Ambarino. However, this rare specimen tends to keep to a small territory between Bacchus Bridge and Cotorra Springs. You can differentiate legendary wolves from the Timber Wolves that may have strayed into the area by identifying the legendary variant's majestic black and brown coat.

While there are a few other possible locations to encounter the more common variants of wolves, such as throughout New Austin or Lake Isabella in the Grizzlies West, these are rare if not exclusive occurrences. If you need a quick kill, pelt, or photo for your Daily Tasks, you'll be better off tracking at one of these other locations mentioned above.

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