Real Time Tactics Game Dog Duty will release on September 17

Soedesco announced that their Real-Time Tactics game called Dog Duty would release on September 17 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and P.C. In Dog Duty, you can control a squad of three characters and cause chaos you destroy installations and fight exotic and evil Octo-Army in an Open-World setting.

Dog Duty has taken inspiration from many classic games and T.V. series like Commandos and G.I. Joe, they created characters based on the nostalgic memories from Developer Zanardi & Liza, Classic Villains like Mojo Jojo from the Power Puff Girls, and Dr. Eggman from Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog played a massive part in the development of the evil octopus army in Dog Duty. Octo-bosses that players have to fight in Dog Duty have the same characteristics the octopuses lend themselves well to powerful and unique creatures which bring a healthy dose of humor and a lot of chaos just like the villains from 80s and 90s series the retro graphics, upbeat music, and fast-paced Real-Time Tactics style provide it an old school feeling to the players.

The Store page is up on some platforms: Steam page, Xbox page.

Watch the official trailer for Dog Duty below:

  • Assemble a 3-person anti-squid-squad and fight in Real-Time Squid combat
  • Liberate outposts to the cut-off weapon, armor, and other octopus supplies
  • Defeat epic bosses and kill your way to the Evil Octopus Commander
  • Fight on top of your armored, octopus frying vehicle while driving.

You can currently play Dog Duty on Steam via Early access or wait until it’s official launch.

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