Red Dead Online’s Halloween Pass 2 and spooky modes drop this week

Red Dead Online’s Halloween Pass 2 and spooky modes drop this week

The spooky season is definitely here, with Red Dead Online being the latest major multiplayer game to get its share of Halloween updates and goodies. Rockstar Games has revealed that the Western game’s Halloween 2021 event and Halloween Pass 2021 are dropping later this week, ushering in “bleak tidings, and an eerie tinge to the atmosphere of the Wild West”.

First up, there are some seasonal All Hallows’ Call to Arms modes on the way – new, suitably spooky takes on Red Dead’s existing survival standoffs, which see players battle waves of enemies. These will take the fight to some of the game’s already more unsettling and abandoned spots like Armadillo, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle, and Bolger Glade, with enemies to fend off including “alligators and cougars hungry for flesh, and a supernatural ghost train haunting the town of Armadillo”.

These Call to Arms modes will fetch you double RDO$, gold, and XP while they’re live, and if you can hold out against ten waves of whichever enemy you’re facing, you’ll earn 2,000 Club XP to redeem on the Halloween Pass 2.

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