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Resident Evil 6 is much better than you remember

Resident Evil 6 is much better than you remember

I’ve been a fan of the Resident Evil series since the original and I’ve played, completed, and enjoyed every mainline entry, with one major exception: Resident Evil 6.

Released nearly a decade ago to mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, RE6 represented a total departure from the series’ survival horror roots. Its multiple campaigns are schlocky and uneven, the co-op integration leaves solo play feeling like an afterthought, and a complete abandonment of classic features like a merchant or inventory management all combined to sour the experience for long-time fans. The backlash seemed so complete at the time that I chose to avoid it for years. This Halloween, I’ve decided to finally give it a shot.

The sparse main menu, which is reminiscent of an early ’00s multiplayer game, doesn’t instil much confidence. Then there’s a small grumble when I realise that the only way to pause the game is to play the whole thing in offline mode, and thus, alone. Of course I still have an AI partner to help me out, but as is the case in Resident Evil 5, they’re basically just a medic, since every time you go down they’re instantly on hand to revive you.

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