Resident Evil – Code: Veronica Fan Remake Demo Now Available

In the absence of any interest on Capcom’s part to remake one of Resident Evil‘s most popular series entries, fans have taken it upon themselves to do the work instead. Despite not being a numbered entry, Code: Veronica is considered to be as much part of the core story as those that came before or after, and sees players once more take control of Claire Redfield.

Imprisoned on the Umbrella-owned Rockfort Island following an attempt to infiltrate one of the company’s facilities in search of her brother, Claire swiftly finds herself dragged into another nightmare scenario involving the undead no more than three months after her escape from Raccoon City. Alongside fellow survivor Steve Burnside, the pair uncover secrets about Umbrella’s origins as well as the mysterious Ashford family, ultimately taking them down a path similar to that traveled by Chris Redfield during the Spencer Mansion incident.

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By today’s standards, of course, the narrative is told via cheesy dialogue and questionable voice acting, an aspect of the original that this fan-made remake intends to remedy. We first covered the ambitious project several months back, which, at the time, has little more than a proof of concept and a handful of screenshots to its name.

Much progress has been made since then, however, as a fully playable demo is now available for download. The teaser is naturally only accessible on PC and will likely stay that way, given its status as an unofficial adaptation of existing IP. As is to be expected, animations, combat and UI systems are quite rough around the edges but nonetheless worth checking out for diehard fans, if only to help envisage what the real deal, so to speak, could look like.

Have you tried out the Resident Evil – Code: Veronica demo? If so, share your impressions in the usual place below!

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