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Resident Evil Lore Only Found In Code: Veronica

Resident Evil Code: Veronica is a strange entry in the franchise. It is the last of the old style before the series entered a new era with Resident Evil 4. However, it is fully 3D and lacks the 2D backgrounds for which the older games are known. Despite it not bearing a number, Code: Veronica is important to the Resident Evil lore.

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It is arguably more important than some of the mainline entries. Fortunately, the game is readily available on most modern consoles and is quite cheap to purchase. It is even one of the free offerings on Xbox Games with Gold for the month of October, 2021. To see what fans are missing out on, take a gander at some important things fans are missing out on if they do not play Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

Steve Burnside


Steve Burnside and Claire meet early on in the story and decide to team up in order to escape the Umbrella facility. Unfortunately, he does not make it through the ordeal. He is infected with a virus and mutates into a hideous monster.

He eventually tries to kill Claire but is able to momentarily regain control of himself. Steve confesses his love for Claire before dying. Wesker mentions recovering the body before leaving the facility. Despite this small detail, Steve has not been brought up again in future games.

The Ashfords


The Ashfords are the main focus of Code: Veronica’s story. The family was a part of the British elite before their name and nobility faded. The earliest known member is Veronica Ashford, a 19th Century child prodigy who studied numerous disciplines.

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Edward Ashford was the co-founder of Umbrella Pharmecuticals along with Oswell Spencer. His son, Alexander Ashford was an Umbrella researcher who eventually went on to create the twins Alfred and Alexia through experimentation and genetic manipulation.

Chris And Claire Finally Meet


Funnily enough, Chris and Claire rarely meet, despite their sibling connection. The only time they share screentime is in Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The game first follows Claire, but Chris comes into the picture on the search for his sister.

You play as both characters throughout the campaign as well. It seems like a no-brainer for the two to team up, but as of now this is the closest fans get to a proper reunion between the brother and sister.



This one is a bit of a joke, but it still deserves mentioning. The hardest document to find is D.I.J’s diary. It is a diary of a mysterious figure who describes seeing several events from the game and running into Claire Redfield.

This is weird because you never really run into anyone who isn’t Steve or Chris or the enemies during the story. This is when the power of deduction comes into play and you realize the report is written by a rat who you can ocassionally find.

Alfred And Alexia


Alfred and Alexia Ashford are the two antagonists of Code: Veronica, at least until Wesker comes into the picture. They are the result of a genetic experiment by Alexander Ashford to create a genius and revive the Ashford’s name using DNA from Veronica Ashford.

Alfred was intelligent, but Alexia was the truly successful result. Alexia eventually perfects what is known as the T-Veronica virus and injects herself with it, becoming one of the last bosses in Code: Veronica. Partway through the game the character you thought was Alexia was actually Alfred dressing up as his sister.



There is a boss a little past the halfway point called Nosferatu. This beast is actually Alexander Ashford, the father and creator of Alfred and Alexia Ashford. The two experimented on their father after he tried to stop them from further research into the T-Virus.

After creating the twins, Alexander grew to be concerned with what he brought into the world. The mutated Alexander was then locked in the Umbrella Arctic facility until the boss fight in Code: Veronica.

The T-Veronica Virus


The T-Veronica virus is Alexia Ashford’s main contribution to the viral research. The scary thing about it is how those infected retain their conscioussness and intelligence while gaining the super human abilities.

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This is how Alexia is able to speak when she shows up again. She was gone for 15 years because the only way to prevent the virus from destroying her was to freeze herself while the transformation took place. Had Claire not been there to stop her, she might have taken over the world.

The First Time Mainline Resident Evil Went First-Person


Resident Evil 7 shook up the franchise by having players experience it through the first-person perspective. However, veteran fans know this is not the first time the series had gameplay from this view.

Battle Game from Resident Evil Code: Veronica lets players tackle the challenge in first-person. It controls adequately, but don’t expect something on par with the best first-person shooters of the time like Halo and TimeSplitters.

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