Resident Evil Village – Alleged Playtest Leak Talks Enemies, Playable Female Character, And Running On PS4

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For whatever reason, the Resident Evil series has been a leaky one over the last few years. For instance, we heard so much about the next game in the franchise, Resident Evil Village, before it was even announced. Well, there’s more today, and some of it even points to the potential cross generational nature of the project at one point in time.

We’ve been getting a lot of information about the game from allegedly playtests that were done and leaked out. For instance, we’ve possibly learned about the game’s bosses, enemies and weapons, as well as early parts of the story. New details come via Biohazard Cast about another section of the game.

According to this leak, this playtest version was a demo that actually was available before the release of this year’s Resident Evil 3 remake. Here, the person alleges they played through a cave section with a female character who had no offensive weapons and was tasked with escaping, seemingly in some type of panicked state. They were attacked by enemies, including another ‘witch’ like character.

“In this segment, the woman carried no weapons of any type and the objective was to escape the caves. Our source also indicated they were under the impression that she was very distressed and looking for something. They also heavily reiterated the fact of the caves being dark and mentioned they had to have a representative help them adjust the brightness several times.

These new [enemies] carried swords and also had the ability to grab and bite the player as well. Our source compared the look of these enemies to that of Krampus, the evil creature that punishes children at Christmas.

While hiding in the caves our source says they came across a file that called these new creatures “Strigoi”, which interestingly enough have a base in Romanian folklore, which is fitting to the aesthetic we’ve seen thus far with Resident Evil Village.

There apparently was another one of the “witches” in the caves as well that seemed to be able to control the Strigoi going by the name of “Scarlett”.”

Maybe one of the most interesting bits here is that the alleged player said the game was running on a PS4 Pro, and in fact ran very well on the system they played on. That’s interesting because early rumors suggested that the game would be crossgen, but has since been announced as coming to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC with no mention of current systems thus far.

Of course, with all of these leaks and rumors, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but if this is accurate, it could mean the crossgen plans for the game were dropped pretty last minute before Resident Evil Village‘s reveal at the PS5 event in June.

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