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Resident Evil Village – Lady Dimitrescu’s Pursuits, Mini-Boss Fights With Daughters Revealed

Resident Evil Village

A multitude of previews have gone live for Capcom’s Resident Evil Village, offering new details on the village and its castle. Along with discussing the various characters that Ethan encounters in the village, they talk the behavior of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. Much like Mr. X from Resident Evil 2, Lady Dimitrescu will pursue players. Check out IGN First’s video at 2:40 to see for yourself, though beware of spoilers.

Along with utilizing large claws, she seems mostly impervious to bullets. The good news is that she’s generally slow so players can look for opportunities to avoid her. With the castle offering multiple different routes and passageways, it should be easy. However, you also have to deal with her daughters who are much quicker.

Interestingly, each daughter has a common weakness (which seems to be an item) and you can use that to your advantage. Each daughter can function as a separate mini-boss and it seems that you’ll have to solve separate puzzles with that item to overcome them. Other enemies also lurk in the castle including some that seemingly have wings as per GameSpot.

Also, as IGN points out, the Duke, who serves as the merchant, has his own room in the castle. What is his relation with Lady Dimitrescu and Mother Miranda? We’ll have to wait for more details to find out.

Resident Evil Village is out on May 7th for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC. The village portion of the demo went live for PlayStation players on the weekend but the castle part will be live on April 24th. On May 1st, the complete demo will be live for all platforms.

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