Returnal’s Preload Is Live Now At 56 GB


Next week we will see the next PS5-only exclusive with Returnal. The game is the next from Sony and Housemarque, and is looking pretty good (both in the sense of being a fun game and just…looking good). It looks to be a very unique title, maybe one of the most unique ones we’ve seen in recent memory, and for those who are ready to jump into the mysterious world headfirst, you can preload now.

Preload for the game is now up for those on PS5. It’s not the biggest game we’ve seen, but it’s got some heft. The preload amount equals out to 56 GB as of now. Keep in mind, this could change depending on things like day 1 patching that could increase or reduce the size. Either way, though, you can preload now.

Returnal will release only on PlayStation 5 on April 30th. You can check out the full first 45 minutes of the game through here.

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