Riders Republic Dropping In Later This Year

Jam Packed With Extreme Sports Goodness

Missing the outside world? Not all that keen on it under any circumstances? Looking for some extreme sports escapades? Riders Republic is getting a full release on September 2nd! Ubisoft dropped a massive trailer full of new details during this year’s E3 conference blitz. It’s an extreme amount of extreme sports!

You’ve got mountain biking, snowboarding, and even that crazy squirrel suit! Events and challenges of all sizes are happening constantly, all over the map. Every activity you take part in earns you more currency for future events, new gear, and pure completionism. Even scoping out cool landmarks earns you more scratch, because this is very much a Ubisoft game. Closed betas are happening soon, which you can sign up for here. Check out the whole trailer embedded below!

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