Roblox Once Again Hit With Global Outage

Roblox Servers Are Down Again

Roblox players are once again experiencing some server and connection issues. Multiple sources have confirmed that their servers have been hit with yet another global outage.

Roblox have officially declared that they are investigating the widespread site outage,” read a post from the Roblox Status social media account.

Unfortunately, the game’s support team has not divulged information regarding the cause of this outage. They are probably hard at work at figuring out the source of the issue. Fans are hopeful that devs will ensure the servers will be back to its stable build during the weekend.

Roblox servers global outage

Players get a 503 error page, which means that they cannot properly connect to the service. Other fans of the franchise also brought to light that they experienced some character issues. Apparently, they had problems about not having an up-to-date character in-game.

The community is now waiting for more updates on what is going on. Hopefully, devs will not have the need to shut the game down for a few days. Fans do not want a repeat of what happened to Roblox servers last December.

This recent outage caused the #RobloxDown hashtag to go trending on various forms of social media. Players from different parts of the world are desperate for devs to bring the game back online. Its servers have approximately 43.2 million daily active users globally. This is such an impressive growth compared to 2019’s 19.1 million.

With that said, it is safe to say that Roblox’s following is exponentially growing. However, its relatively frequent down periods and outages led to a lot of backlash for the popular gaming hub. It remains unknown whether or not the team behind the game can keep up with the influx of new players in the future.

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