Rumor: F-Zero Announcement Potentially Inbound


As is also the case with the oft-rumored “Switch Pro,” Nintendo fans have been on the receiving end of scuttlebutt about alleged new F-Zero games being in the works for many years. Once again, word of a Captain Falcon and friends return is bouncing around on the Internet, this time courtesy of leaker @Syluxhunter on Twitter. This relatively new voice in the world of video game leaks correctly predicted the release date for Bayonetta 3, as well as the date of and some of the software that would be announced during the last Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase.

Now, Sylux is alleging that F-Zero news is on the way, but to “manage your expectations.” In an exchange on YouTube channel SwitchFore, Sylux offered the following response about F-Zero: “00110010 00110101 00100000 00110111 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110001 00110110 00100000.” Internet sleuths determined the code to say that the racing series is indeed making a comeback. The details beyond this are nonexistent, but with Sylux’s track record for being accurate up to this point, perhaps there’s reason to take pause and hope that the draught is almost over.

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Source: Sylux Twitter Page

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