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Sad Times, The Amazing Flip Grip Accessory Doesn’t Work On Switch OLED

Flip Grip
Image: Nintendo Life

Fans of old-school shmups have long been aware that the Switch is one of the best systems to own right now, not just because it’s home to many fine blasters, but because it can be played in ‘TATE’ mode using the fantastic Flip Grip accessory.

This seemingly simple piece of plastic allows you to set your Switch in TATE mode and bolt your Joy-Con to its sides, and really does allow you to enjoy and appreciate vertically-oriented shmups to their fullest.

Those of you who are already own the Flip Grip and are looking to upgrade to the Switch OLED this week might be assuming that, like so many other Switch accessories, it works perfectly with the new model. Sadly, we have to report that this isn’t the case.

While the Switch OLED is very similar in size to the original Switch, it’s ever-so-slightly taller, which means that it cannot be slid comfortably into the Flip Grip. It feels as though a little force might make it slide in, but we’d imagine it will result in some pretty serious cosmetic damage to the Switch OLED’s casing – and we’d rather not risk putting that theory to the test if that’s all the same to you. Our Switch OLED review unit is still so shiny!

Thankfully, Flip Grip creator Mike Choi – the same guy who created the amazing “New Nintendo Switch DS” – tells us that he expected this to be the case, and a revised model is in development as we speak.

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