Saints Row Gets Detail On Some Of Its Side Hustles

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I think it’s fair to say that when Saints Row was revealed, it was not what many people expected. The game had a much different look than previous games, but the developer stood behind the game and now as more has come out, it seems this very much is the Saints Row that many will recognize. Now we also get some details on what it’s like to hustle on the side in the new entry.

Game Informer has been doing extensive coverage of the game, even giving a look at the game’s opening missions. They now have a feature about the game’s side hustles. Much like the name implies, this will be activities you do on the side to earn cash and other items. One of them is taking over territory where you must via with other gangs to control parts of the vast map. There is also Tourism, where you are given the task of seeking out certain locations and landmarks. Finally, there is Criminal Ventures that allow you to set up businesses that look legitimate to further your empire. That actually got a video, which you can see through here. You can read the excellent full write up from Game Informer through here.

Saints Row is set to release on February 25th 2022 for most major platforms.

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