Saints Row: The 10 Best Weapons In The Series

Many elements of Saints Row help it stand out, from its signature brand of humor to its strange activities. And the series' collection of iconic weapons is certainly one of its main identifiers. Saints Row doesn't just stick to the standard set of armaments seen in most action-adventure titles.

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The franchise includes all sorts of wacky and weird pieces of equipment designed to cause pain. As such, when discussing what the 'best' weapons of the series are, you have to consider more than just damage output. Some Saints Row weaponry is great due to its uniqueness and creativity, not how many people it kills — yet that is also a bonus.

RC Possessor (Saints Row: The Third)


While remote-controlled cars aren't a completely original concept in gaming, few other series do it as Saints Row does. With the RC Possessor, you get to control full-sized vehicles instead of the typical toy-sized cars. Once fully upgraded, you can even use it on tanks and aircrafts for maximum enjoyment.

It's not a perfect weapon for combat as it leaves you open to attack, and you can't do much damage with it (unless you get the self-destruct upgrade). Still, though, the fun it brings even brightens up some of the worst missions in the game.

Abduction Gun (Saints Row 4)


The fourth game in the main series veered more into Sci-fi than previous installments. A perfect example of the genre's influence is the Abduction Gun: while holding this weapon, you can shoot a charge into the ground to make people float into space. As a result, those victims are never seen again.

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The process looks similar to how aliens abduct people in movies and television, but in the form of a gun. It's effective in wiping out packs of enemies quickly. Plus, it's enjoyable to run around and send civilians into the sky.

Annihilator RPG (Saints Row 2 And Saints Row: The Third)


Not every weapon in the Saints Row series is a wacky or unique one. For instance, the Annihilator RPG is a typical laser-guided rocket launcher. Yet, one element that makes it different from similar guns from other games is that 'laser-guided' is literal, meaning you can actually lead the rocket.

The best thing about the launcher is its power. Not many weapons in either Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third do as much damage as this beast, nor do they cause as much destruction. The gun also allows you to blow up anyone who laughs at the ridiculous outfit you're wearing, particularly in the third game.

Black Hole Launcher (Saints Row 4)


This dangerous weapon is very self-explanatory: it launches black holes. These mini black holes ('mini' compared to real ones, but still pretty big in the game) suck everything nearby toward them before disintegrating whatever is in their grasp.

Anything not bolted down can't resist its pull, so along with humans and vehicles, it also takes away things like light poles and street signs. Therefore, it's an extremely destructive weapon. Despite its slow rate of fire, it's not a bad choice in a fight.

Mollusk Launcher (Saints Row: The Third – Funtime! Pack)


The RC Possessor controls cars, but the Mollusk Launcher controls minds. The DLC weapon fires little creatures that can take over the body of the enemies they hit. They're reminiscent of the Brain Slugs featured in the TV show Futurama. Unfortunately, you don't actually get to control the infected people, but they do fight on your side.

Having extra bodies to assist in battles is always welcome. Plus, the little creatures have a secondary ability that allows you to remotely detonate them to erase mind-controlled foes.

Disintegrator (Saints Row 4)


As the name suggests, the Disintegrator disintegrates things. People, cars, bits of scenery — this weapon can wipe out pretty much anything. They don't just disappear; you actually see the target quickly disintegrate into nothingness.

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The weapon is very effective because of its ability to insta-kill. Its only weaknessea eW the time it takes to recharge and its lack of AOE damage. Yet, those negatives are forgotten when you see the beautiful visual of someone or something getting disintegrated.

Dubstep Gun (Saints Row 4)


Dubstep music was a bit of a meme when Saints Row 4 was being developed. So, the game made fun of that with the Dubstep Gun. When fired, the weapon unleashes deadly lasers and plays Dubstep music at the same time. People and vehicles in the vicinity even dance to the gun's beat.

Despite seemingly being a joke weapon, and one of the funniest in gaming history, it's actually very powerful. In fact, it's among the most deadly in the game when fully upgraded. And the light show it provides is a visual spectacle.

Pimp Slap (Saints Row, Saints Row 2, And Saints Row: Total Control)


There are technically three versions of the controversially named Pimp Slap weapon. The one from the first game is just a plain hand with a gold ring on it, the version in Saints Row 2 is a giant foam middle finger, and it's also a foam hand in Total Control, but all fingers are shown.

However, while it looks different in the three games, the Pimp Slap functions the same. You use it to slap opponents, and it sends them flying through the air. Throwing people across the map with a single slap never gets old.

Pimp Cane (Saints Row And Saints Row 2)


On the surface, the Pimp Cane looks just like a fancy cane, but in reality, it's a 12 gauge shotgun. To keep up the facade, you even use the weapon as a cane while walking. It gives you quick access to the gun while catching enemies off-guard.

The almighty strut you do with the gun is what makes it so amazing. Yet, the weapon isn't just stylish as it has plenty of substance, too. The firearm boasts a decent range and excellent power.

The Penetrator (Saints Row: The Third And Saints Row 4)


Arguably the most famous weapon in Saints Row history is The Penetrator. It's the perfect example of what makes the series so unique. After all, not many other games would include a novelty-sized marital aid as a weapon. The bat is made even sillier by its physics as it jiggles around when held.

While the main purpose of the weapon is to be funny, it also packs a punch. Most enemies can't stand up to its might as they're often sent flying when struck.

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