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Say Hi to All Your Friends on Ubisoft Connect With the New Chat

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While Ubisoft Connect was meant to merge Uplay and Ubisoft Club, not all features made it to the service we have today. Up until today, Ubisoft Connect has been without a chat feature. However, starting tomorrow, the desktop app will support instant messaging between friends. Not that having a chat system in a gaming or social service is a bad thing, but don’t players already have like an infinite list of preferred ways to communicate on PC? Between the in-game chats and the chat services that extend beyond Ubisoft titles, doesn’t this just seem like a checkmark on the list of things on Ubisoft Connect?

Ubisoft Connect Chat

Maybe I am overlooking something in terms of convenience or the popularity of Ubisoft Connect though. Ubisoft’s Community Manager made a blog post detailing the limitations and changes of the new service. The previous chat feature that this one will be replacing will not carry over any chat logs. If you had been chatting with a friend in the before time, it will not be saved. Going forward, chat logs will only be saved for 3 months. They exist in the cases of harassment investigations, but are cleared for privacy reasons.

When the new chat launches, group chats will be limited to 24 members. If there are existing groups with upwards of 24 members, they will be removed. Existing groups with 24 members or fewer will remain. Those groups that remain will also have their chat logs saved for 30 last days leading up to the launch of the new chat. The rollout of Ubisoft Connect’s PC app chat will begin on June 1st.

Would you use Ubisoft Connect as a way of chatting with other players or do you use another app? Let us know in the comments below.


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