Scars Above is a New Sci-Fi Action Game Set on a Hostile Alien Planet, Launches in 2022

Koch Media’s new publishing label Prime Matter has announced Scars Above, a new sci-fi action-adventure game being developed by Serbian studio Mad Head Games. Scars Above sees you playing as Kate Ward, a scientist astronaut who gets trapped on a hostile alien planet and must now fight her way through new horrors.

An extensive gameplay demonstration of the game has also been revealed. From alien environments to combat, from exploration to brief snippets of story, from weapons to crafting, plenty of the game is shown off. “Generic but interesting” seems like a good way to describe Scars Above, based on what’s been shown of it so far. Check out the gameplay reveal below, courtesy of GameSpot.

Scars Above will be launching some time in 2022 for PC and consoles. A specific release date hasn’t yet been confirmed. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more details on the game in the coming months.

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